Pushing our limits

While the risks I take in my adventures nowhere near compare to wingsuit BASE jumping, this excellent article gives us all something to think about.


I've seen so many people going to what I would consider insane lengths for an Instagram shot. Every image of mine from a cliff, mountain top, waterfall, etc have been thought out with regards to my safety; and that's only come about through years of experience. I grew up camping and backpacking, hiking and running trails by myself, navigating with a map, and exploring many types of terrain. I still make mistakes, I try to plan for them and have a backup, but most importantly I continue to learn. I think the hardest thing can be knowing when we're pushing our limits too far, something I used to struggle with more, but asking yourself is the shot worth the risk makes a huge difference.

Ok, now I'm off to go shoot a lightning storm from the top of a mountain while jumping on a pogo stick! ;)