My Image Collection

When working in my image collection, I'm constantly reminded how lucky I am to have seen so many amazing things. I can look at each photograph and remember the story of how I captured it and what the journey was like to get there. In this small sample I can remember wading through waist deep fall snow, suffering frozen digits in below zero temperatures, standing on towering cliffs in raging storms and high winds, walking soundlessly through an ocean of stars and the milky way, and looking up awestruck as the sun's power danced in lines of green and red in the night sky.

For me, photography is the power to remember and share this amazing world, through each image and its story. I've spent the past few weeks revisiting images old and new to select the ones that tell the most powerful visual story and represent the best of my talent. With these photographs, I will be starting a new series of limited gallery pieces that fulfill my vision for beautiful and modern display form. I'll be sharing more information in the future but for now thank you, everyone, for enjoying and supporting my work.