What a fantastic workshop!
I went in to Jason’s Night Sky Workshop with just a touch of knowledge about night photography, and left feeling ready, knowledgable and prepared to go out and shoot the night sky like a pro!
Right off the bat, we headed out into the field for our first session. Jason explained everything in a clear and concise manner, taking time as needed with each of us personally, to answer any questions or help us out with any issues; and we were all producing very satisfying to amazing results. The pace of the subsequent classes, instruction, and sessions was perfect, not flying through everything and not wasting any time on tangential topics. He armed us with plenty of tools to help us with everything from assessing location, analyzing weather, shooting meteors, light painting, to post-processing.
He is very professional, courteous, patient, knowledgable, and personable. He carried all of his skills between the field and classroom; and helped all of us produce amazing results with what seemed to be little effort. (and even chased off a lurking coyote during one of the night shoots!) Now I’m hooked on another genre of photography and can’t wait to get out there and try it out!
I highly recommend Jason as an instructor and tour guide; and hope to join him again for another workshop or tour!
— -Cheryl T, Florida
I joined Bret and Jason for their 2014 Moab Workshop: Autumn in Canyon Country. Their knowledge of the locations and educational advice on photography was extremely helpful! They are both very talented and savvy on the latest photographic techniques. The one-on-one guidance and conversations really made this a great experience. They offered plenty of insight on both the art and business sides of photography.
— Brian T, Ohio
This is the 2nd workshop I have done with Bret and Jason. I came back for the 2nd time because the 1st time was a wonderful experience. I had not done much in the way of Landscapes and they help bring me up to speed. This was a great exposure ( sorry) to landscape photography. They are well org. The sites are very interesting. They are very supportive. It is also a lot of Fun.
— John P, Canada
This was my first photography workshop experience and what a fabulous way to start! Bret and Jason took the group to some amazing locations for sunrises and sunsets, were kind in their encouragement and generous in sharing their knowledge and experiences. No question was too simple or challenging and they helped all participants from different backgrounds with varying degrees of knowledge, skill and equipment learn and grow as photographers. Their attention was 100% focussed on participants in the field (and they watch our backs in bear country) and the daytime workroom sessions were thorough and fun. I can highly recommend any workshop...