Today is the Day

Today is the day I leave for a grand adventure, or at least it is to me, backpacking the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. 


I won't just be hiking the trail though, I'll be attempting to create a film along the way. That means I'll be carrying a bunch of extra gear, and definitely more weight. Thankfully my sponsors Katabatic Gear, Big Agnes, Axe & Hammer, and Tailwind helped me get my dry pack weight under 23lbs! 

I can't wait to visit new places and old, and to experience something vastly different with an actual risk for failure. This film won't be about the gear or a daily diary, but hopefully the essence of the trail.


Thanks to amazing family and friends, I'll have a lot of support along the way. If you want to follow my journey and the images I create follow me here and @jason_j_hatfield